quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2015

You do not know that loneliness
My pain is all yours
Take it for you
Hold it in your hands
Play with my despair
make him her toy
I who am raging sea and do not know what is breeze
I always burning the flame of love
Take my sleep and mess up my rest
Break everything inside me
Because I do not know what is peace
You do not know what is sadness
Ria of my daydreams
Usurp my mind
Take everything, take everything
Let me here naked
broken and soulless
You do not know what's lament
Stay with everything your
all your
I knew that not be cruel
not realized
that whatever gave you
I gave because he wanted
you did not ask me anything
you did not want anything ...
I take back
all my pain, my regret, my love
all my soul
and now I realize that everything I gave you
was all I had
you having nothing
did not lay, do not want, not took possession
you do not know what is forgiveness
I take back my heart
all that you own ...
Débora Garcia