quarta-feira, 22 de julho de 2015

The biggest idiocy of life is to think that your thinking will never change.
Think that if you have an opinion about everything you are smarter than others
Think that because people run behind you is because they are inferior and therefore need you, while you do not need them
But the biggest idiocy here is that you can not see who the idiot is you.
That will change only if you fail to be, so ...
Also think if you ever say is protected feeling. Complete idiocy, almost innocent
To think that someone can not live without you or someone you can not live without. We are not alone on the planet's true, but we are born alone and die alone, so ...
even the twins in the first case because birth and death is an individual act. Live well.
But most stupid it is when an idiot writes a lot of nonsense thinking that some enlightened will read, enjoy and comment

Débora Garcia