quarta-feira, 22 de julho de 2015

Seeking any background strength of his soul
He said I love you
Even though it would not receive back
In desperation in wanting to feel
Felt happy to just see and hear
With all their molten feelings and tangles
Being sometimes happy and sometimes pain
Feeling the life and death taking his being in the same proportion
Risked say I love you
And he chose to go this way forever
And what was colorful became gray
And the gray made his favorite color
and red ...
Lost in his own watercolor became a blur, a draft, a misunderstanding
But still prefer to say I love you
What Love hate those dark hours
I'll see you and can not do anything
show you the yellow and even green ...
I give you a new watercolor with new colors, new risks and risk me stay forever in gray with you if you want and red also
Because I love you...
Débora Garcia